Google Expands AI Calling Service Duplex to UK, Canada, and Australia

The AI affiliated calling service of Google, Duplex, will now provide its services in several more countries. The news has been spread recently that stated the availability of service in the UK, Canada, and Australia. Alongside this, there is also a confirmed announcement by VentureBeat after they had navigated new contact numbers added on the support page that is utilized while calling through Duplex from another country, as told by Google.

Duplex first came into existence in the year 2018 when its beta version gets a pre-released in the US. The early release of the Duplex beta version at that time amidst into several controversies in the developer conference of Google. The major reason behind the controversy is the concern of various executives of Google in which they all made their point by saying about Duplex ‘s use without small business. They showed their concern about an automated call, which is going to be managed automatically rather than by any person. They stated that the automated call could be easily managed through a digital voice aid.

Since then, Google is persisting in thinking over the subsequent advice. At the starting of the call, Google has started a disclosure soon after that they permit the option of speaking with humans alongside a recording of the call. However, since then, the technology of Duplex has been improved a lot. A whole new aspect has been included known as Human Listener. This feature intends to make the learning attribute of Duplex alongside take the call.

Google has updated not the technical aspects of Duplex but also increased the range of its services. As the service has first arrived only in Google Pixel devices and it is now enhanced to iOS and Android devices. Google internationally increased the range of Duplex service in 2019 when they first expand it to New Zealand. However, Google has not yet responded about the expansion of Duplex services as various media and interviewers have already asked them, but they denied to comment on it.

When the Duplex service arrived for the very first time, it was quite shocking for everyone as it has been only released in the US. Later they expand it to New Zealand, which was furthermore shocking as countries such as the UK and Canada didn’t get it. Thus, now Google has fulfilled the demand of those countries.

The AI calling is an incredible service alongside it is the future of communication venture. Thus, the initiative of Google to expand it immensely made it easy for other marketers to focus on it. So, it will be a piece of great news for all of us as soon we can surely witness a new AI calling service. Till then, let’ us see how Google expansion works out in UK, Australia, and Canada.

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