Birds of Prey 2: Confirmation, Release Date, and Other Details

Birds of Prey has finally reached the theatres, and it has received plenty of positive reviews. Now the biggest question after watching the movie is whether the Birds of Prey…

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Pokémon: 10 Hidden Secrets about the Red and Blue Games

Pokémon has become not only the best selling game series of all time, but it has also emerged as the most profitable brand of marketing with dealing cards and the…

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Connect Alexa

How to Connect Alexa to a Stereo Receiver

Alexa is among the smartest technologies available to the general public, but what’s more, is that you can connect a stereo receiver with it. In case you want to know…

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10 Reasons for Xbox Fans to Get Excited in the Year 2020

2020 is going to be adventurous as the gaming industry as big names like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are going to unveil tons of great and exceptional games. If you…

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Real-Life Spider-Man To Soar Above The Disney Marvel Land

The news has come to the much delight of the fans that they will soon see the Spider-Man soaring high in the sky above the guests’ head. The news has…

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Twitter Account Verified

How to Get Your Twitter Account Verified?

There is no simple method to verify yourself on Twitter and to get a blue checkmark on your profile. But, some simple ways can enhance the probability of getting verified…

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Google to Combine its Workplace Tools & Messaging Apps into One Service

Google is internally testing a new product that has been made to unify all the apps and other workplace tools offered by Google. The CEO of Google Cloud unit, Thomas…

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Beginner Guide of MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac

It is hard sometimes for a new user to know about the features of Apple products in the Laptop section because it runs on a different operating system. This guide…

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The Witcher Anime Film ordered by Netflix

With the success of the Witcher live-action series, the streaming giant “Netflix” has planned the latest anime motion picture from Studio Mir, a Korean animation house. They have not revealed…

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Crossed $200 Million at the Box Office

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is not the most prominent part of the Star Wars trilogy, but it is still ruling the recent box office. Just after the weekend…

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