Microsoft Edge

How to Use Tracking and Privacy in Microsoft Edge

In this generation, all the people are using the internet. It is useful to users as well as harmful in…

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How to fix Chrome Keeps Freezing While Watching YouTube Videos

If YouTube keeps crashing on Chrome, then the problem might not be with YouTube. However, it may occur on content…

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10 Reasons for Xbox Fans to Get Excited in the Year 2020

2020 is going to be adventurous as the gaming industry as big names like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are going…

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Real-Life Spider-Man To Soar Above The Disney Marvel Land

The news has come to the much delight of the fans that they will soon see the Spider-Man soaring high…

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Twitter Account Verified

How to Get Your Twitter Account Verified?

There is no simple method to verify yourself on Twitter and to get a blue checkmark on your profile. But,…

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Google to Combine its Workplace Tools & Messaging Apps into One Service

Google is internally testing a new product that has been made to unify all the apps and other workplace tools…

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