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Thrival Nutrition

Thrival Nutrition is a functional nutrition practice in Austin, TX that helps women who are struggling with weight loss, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, and chronic symptoms that tend to linger around no matter what they doWe are a team of nutritionists and dietitians that use food as medicine, herbs, and overall lifestyle support to bring women back into alignment with how they are truly supposed to feelWe also do functional lab testing in our practice, such as food sensitivity testing, micronutrient deficiencies, stool testing, hormone tests to really understand how we can best support you with your health goalsWe take a holistic approach not only focusing on diet, but also your stress, sleep, environment, and exercise.

While we are based in Austin, TX, we see women all of the U.Svirtually.

We offer one sessions or packages that provide more support and accountability to help keep you on trackWe have free resources on our website through our nutrition blog and healthy recipesWe host Thrival Nutrition Podcast where we interview the best in the functional medicine fieldYou can listen in on iTunes, Spotify, and iHeartradio!


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