6 Best Websites to Make Your Portfolio

Whether you are a teacher, artist, or graphics designer, your portfolio should be ready to get a buff along with 1+ year experience. You might be intending to switch your job and get a raise, but to showcase your current experience, skills, and your business achievements, you should prepare a great portfolio. However, that requires great skills in designing websites, but several freelance economies allow users to create a fantastic portfolio on the web. These days, you only need to choose good quality content management where you can design efficient websites with minimal efforts. Let’s discuss the best portfolio building website in 2020.

1. WordPress

WordPress is the ultimate platform to make a fully customizable website for business and portfolio purposes. Managing and building a website on WordPress is impressively easy and quick when compared to other content management systems.


Several users prefer it due to its versatility and endless collection of various themes for building a site. Most of the WordPress themes are highly customizable and responsive too. To get started with WordPress, buy a domain name and hosting. Once the domain name and hosting are, linked together, install WordPress to your hosting server.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace is not as much as versatile as WordPress; however, it is easy-to-use, and users don’t need to be much creative in order to make a website with it. It can help you in developing an extremely classy and professional portfolio with less effort and skill by offering insanely straightforward user interface and control panel. Squarespace has a massive collection of beautiful and fancy themes, and in this aspect, it is much better than WordPress. The templates are mobile and tablet friendly that can adapt to any size of the display automatically.

3. Wix


In case you feel a bit confused with WordPress and SquareSpace, then give Wix a try. It is indeed simple and effortless compared to other CMSs. It will offer you onscreen instructions to build a beautiful website for your portfolio. It comes up with extremely simple to highly fancy templates for sites, and all of them will be responsive.

4. Strikingly  

In case you are a complete newbie in the field of designing websites, then no need to worry as Strikingly has got your back. It is specifically a portfolio designing platform, and it helps those who have nada experience in the business world. In case you want to construct an effects-heavy website with an extremely fancy interface and artwork, then strikingly is not for you. It can help you in creating a presentable and straightforward website in no time.

5. Weebly


In case you got a bit tight budget, then Weebly is a perfect website builder for you. Its themes are not on the level of Squarespace and WordPress, but you can find pretty templates as per the requirement. In case you don’t know, the portfolio websites are better if they appear sober and straightforward.

6. Contently

In case you want to make a website that is more focused on content rather than the graphics and visuals, then you should use Contently. It is mainly made for a writer to showcase their talent in their portfolio. Contently helps users to build a text-based portfolio in an incredibly creative style.

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