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How to Get Started with Mcafee?


Malware, viruses, and bugs pose major threats to our digital world, and the internet along with diverse sharing capabilities could be the reason behind these issues. If you also face similar issues in your device, visit and install McAfee. It is among the most trusted antiviruses on the market, with an exclusive design to eliminate any obstruction problems on your device. 

Additionally, it offers a number of features to help users gain security while web browsing or sharing information. The download, installation, and activation process for McAfee is easy and we've presented a short description of each feature to provide users with ease.

Sign-up for McAfee Account

The next step will require users to be enrolled in the McAfee account. Those users who already have an account with McAfee must skip the steps below and proceed. Below, we've provided the specific steps to create an account on McAfee. This process requires multiple steps, so it is important to remember the steps when reading the instructions.

  • First, the user needs to visit through the URL bar.
  • The homepage of McAfee came out, users have to choose the company.
  • Then, they need to visit their My Account tab.
  • The customer is required to click to sign up on the tab.
  • Following that, consumers need to enter their personal details in the text box.
  • When the customers have filled in all necessary spaces with their credentials, they must create an encrypted password.
  • Consumers now need to follow the prompt on the screen to ensure that their McAfee account is successfully set up.

Download and Install McAfee for New Users

The next steps are designed for users of the system who have installed McAfee on their computers for the very first time. The procedure is long, and it is advised to stay conscious while reading and performing these steps.

  • Open your Internet search engine on your personal computer.
  • Internet browser by inserting it into the URL bar.
  • It will allow users access to McAfee's home page of McAfee and, from there, users need to click My Account. Account.
  • The users must make use of their account information to log in to their McAfee account.
  • Then, users have to navigate and click on the option of Subscription.
  • Then it will prompt users to select the operating system of their device.
  • Then, they need to select the subscription type they wish to purchase.
  • Then, they have to navigate and tap on the Download tab.
  • Users must be aware of and agree with the License Terms as well as the Agreement from McAfee.
  • The users must remain patient until the download is finished.
  • After that, users have to download the McAfee file within the Downloads directory.
  • After they have located McAfee and then they have to tap it repeatedly to activate the installation.
  • Users must adhere to the directions that were displayed on the screen until they have successfully installed McAfee on their devices.

Download and Install McAfee on Another Device

The next steps contain information on how to start downloading and installing McAfee on a different device. If you're one of the users listed above, follow the steps listed below.

  • Visit your Internet browser.
  • After that, visit by entering it into the search box.
  • Check out My Account.
  • Go to the tab of Log-in.
  • Make use of your McAfee login details to log in.
  • Click on the button to Add the device.
  • Select the device you prefer as well as the McAfee product.
  • Select the operating system for the device.
  • Input an email address that is accessible in the text box.
  • Click on the Send Link tab.
  • Make sure you wait until you get an email notification.
  • Start the email application on a different device and begin navigation through the next email.
  • Open the email, then click to download the link.
  • Download the file, then double-click to launch an installation procedure.
  • Make sure to wait until the installation process is completed.

Get Activation Code

After successfully completing the installation on, users need to sign up to McAfee. The process of activation for McAfee subscriptions requires activation codes that are 25 characters which is the primary requirement for activation. The customers can receive the activation key along with the subscriptions they purchased. There are two methods to get it, and we've provided each one.

The first option is to receive the activation key via mail from McAfee officials. This happens when users purchase McAfee on the internet at

  • Another method is to get an activation code at the back of your subscription which requires the user to use the code. This happens when users purchase McAfee through a store.

Activate McAfee Subscription

Here are the steps needed to activate your McAfee subscription. Users must be sure that they have entered the proper activation code.

  • Users must visit through an internet browser.
  • Following that, the users need to log into MY account, and then log in to
  • Then, they have to select additional options for their region, such as the Country they reside in or Language, as well as the date of Birth.
  • The users now have to add an email address.
  • After that, they have to enter the Activation Code into the text field.
  • The users must tap the Submit tab.
  • McAfee's Subscription to users has been activated successfully.