Birds of Prey 2: Confirmation, Release Date, and Other Details

Birds of Prey has finally reached the theatres, and it has received plenty of positive reviews. Now the biggest question after watching the movie is whether the Birds of Prey 2 will be produced. Being the first R-rated movie of DCEU, Birds of Prey production costs 97 million dollars. The movie needs to make a whopping collection in order to become a profitable hit since the project budget was pretty high. It can be a challenging task considering the fact the movie got an R-rating. A large portion of the fanbase won’t be able to watch the flick because of the age restriction, which will surely affect the collections.


It was Christina Hodson who prepared the script for the film while the direction work was handed to Cathy Yan. Starring Margot Robbie as the core actress for the role of DC’s Harley Queen was pretty much given. The movie features Harley Queen’s life after she breaks up with Joker and we see her fighting against the boss of Gotham City as well as his allies. She is shown a bit rough and liberated after ending her relationship, but she has no support and is now all alone against the ruthless criminals of Gotham city. However, it does not stays the same for long as she soon gets powerful females who also have the same enemy and then they all teams up together. She teams up with three other deadly women including Black Canary, Renee Montoya and Huntress. Huntress is portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Black Canary by Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Renee Montoya by Rosie Perez. 

Birds of Prey ends with telling about how these fearless women formally become one to fight the enemy in the movie. The ending of the film was not good for the two core baddies of the movie, but one of them handled himself to be alive more than expected. However, he also lost against these powerful women including fan-favourite Margot Robbie as Harley Queen.  

Birds of Prey 2 Not Confirmed for Now

Whereas Birds of Prey managed to appear in the theatres even after the critics and negative reviews about 2016’s Suicide Squad. Birds of Prey is not confirmed officially, and we get the update soon about the movie. For now, nothing can be said, as we wouldn’t know whether the movie will be planned officially or not. Due to the early success of the film, it is very much possible that the movie might get a sequel in the upcoming years. However, in case the movie failed in the long run, then there can be chances that the studio might drop the intention to release a sequel. Even there is not enough clamouring for the sequel for Birds of Prey until yet. The franchise already has many other projects in the line, including The Batman, Wonder Woman, Black Adam, The Suicide Squad 2, Aquaman 2 and Shazam 2.

Release Date of Birds of Prey 2

The sequel is predictably set to release somewhere in 2024, and current speculations signify that the movie release date would not be delayed. A few DC Extended Universe projects are already under production, and some of the projects will introduce Harley Queen. The sequel of the movie might exclude Harley Queen from its plot, and we may only see Birds in the movie.

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