Google Released Small Android 11 Dev Preview Update with No New Features

Google has released its recent update to the Developer Preview of Android 11, albeit the minor one. The first released update has not included any new addition or change regarding the functionality or feature in Android 11. Moreover, the latest update is mainly focused on crushing the small number of bugs that been reported by the developers during the recent release. It was only a week ago that Google released the first update for developers, which is providing a fair idea about the Android 11 developer preview. The developer preview is now available for the Google Pixel 3/3XL, Pixel 2/2 XL, Pixel 4/4 XL, and Pixel 3a/3a XL phones. Although the new update is only for the developers, Google has said that it will invite the consumers also very soon.

Android 11

The new updates introduced in the Android 11 by Google is intended to bring some effective changes so the users can take advantage of not only the 5G technology but also other innovations. The new updates will help the developer to make better use of the updated APIs connectivity in Android 11. the updated and better-connected APIs in Android 11 will help to experience the significantly faster speed in the 5G technology. Google also has extended support for the newly introduced types of screen in android eleven, includes waterfall and Hole-punch displays. The developers can use the freshly introduced Application programming interface for optimizing the various apps available on phones with such displays.

Google has introduced a section of dedicated conversation which will appear in the notification shade to help the developers in creating a more in-depth conversational experience. Since the new updates are only regarding fixing some of the early bugs and not adding or modifying any user interface and so the users have to wait for a little for the next updates. Google has planned to release at least one significant update every month, and so it will take some time to get updated regarding the user interface changes.

Amidst all, the developers have already updated their tools for using the developer preview of Android 11 to check the compatibility of their apps with the upcoming public release. Here, is the log of change for the Developer preview1.1:-

  • The applications aiming Android 11  will no longer receive any invalid exception regarding security, even if they request for forefront permission for a location as such ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION or ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION along with any other consent consequently.
  • If NPK applications are aiming for Android 11, then they will not be blocked from the building, and the fix regarding it has been included in both Android Studio 4.1 canary or higher and Android Studio 4.0 Beta 2. The applications will not be blocked because the issue arises with the Android Gradle Plug-in.
  • The restrictions included in Greylist have been relaxed temporarily for some minor methods if used by OkHTTP and the widespread SDKs related.

It is worthy of mentioning that the app developers should be provided significant time to update the libraries of the applications and to test it before the reinstating of the restrictions in the developer preview.

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