Google to Combine its Workplace Tools & Messaging Apps into One Service

Google is internally testing a new product that has been made to unify all the apps and other workplace tools offered by Google. The CEO of Google Cloud unit, Thomas Kurian, has discussed the testing of new apps at a conference which was held in January. The meeting was attended by many prominent professionals, along with the salespeople of the unit and the business partners. It is expected that the new app which undergoing testing will be the part of G Suite. The new app which is currently being tested, also includes The video conferencing app of Google, a real-time messaging app, Hangouts chat and hangouts meet.

Messaging Apps

The new app will unify the different services provided by Google to diverse businesses all over the world, and it will also include Hangouts chat and hangouts meet along with Gmail and Google Drive. The users of Hangouts chat are well aware of the newly introduced features, and benefits of Hangouts meet, which provide them with the three options to reply with edit, select, and send. Google has recently incorporated a new feature Smart Reply which was part of its efforts to bring these tweaks under G suite. In the same way, Google took steps to unveil Hangouts Meets with few changes, which was directed towards making it more productive for businesses. Google is focusing on introducing innovations in its apps that could benefit the companies. So it has recently added features such as HD videos, which can support meetings with up to thirty people instead of ten. Google also acquired the Lime studio of Sweden to enhance the call quality, particularly off-centered connections.

The steps taken by Google to unify its messaging apps could be seen in the context of tweaks introduced by Slack. The latest feature in Slack was the introduction of Dark Mode in the app, so it could not harm the eyes if the person has to work for long hours on the apps. The technical team of Google has declined to say anything on the leaks about the testing of new apps for unifying the message apps into one service, but it seems that Google is working hard to introduce such an app.

Now, the question arises why Google is eager to introduce such apps, and it could be seen that the incentives are a lot to launch such apps. If Google adds such apps, then it will provide a significant platform for large businesses to use such apps for meetings, even in off-centered areas successfully. The new app launched by Google will give an integrated service to do all the things in just a few minutes. The businesses would surely turn to use the apps introduced by Google instead of using different services of other companies. If the people, particularly businesses, start relying on the service provided by Google in the form of a new app incorporating all services into one, then it would benefit Google in several ways, especially in bringing back those customers who turned towards using the services like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

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