How to Use Tracking and Privacy in Microsoft Edge

In this generation, all the people are using the internet. It is useful to users as well as harmful in so many ways. The new generation browsers are offering more security and service to their users. Now user can control their Privacy according to their use. One important thing is provided by worldwide privacy initiatives. Microsoft is not behind on browser privacy settings. Microsoft only allows Privacy on its OS, which is used in Microsoft Edge and Chrome. In this blog, we will explain teach you how you can enable privacy settings in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge

Data Storage in MS Edge

Data storage in Microsoft Edge is an excellent feature of users. If you are doing anything in the browser, then it automatically stores data of your search history. It would be best if you improve your security on the device. Here is the list of Data stored in your device:

Information on browser and websites searching in your device.

  • Crash reports.
  • Site Loading time.
  • URL of the page.
  • Installation.
  • Page content.
  • Memory use of Edge.
  • Performance.
  • Features usage.

Enable Privacy Setting in MS Edge

Microsoft Edge has its privacy settings that are used in all the sections of your device, and you only need to manage it according to your needs. Here are the steps:

  1. Tap on the three-dots.
  2. Click on Setting.
  3. Hit the Privacy and service.

After these steps, a list will appear on your screen. The list is given below:

  • Managing Browser Data usage
  • Personalize your web experience
  • Control what Edge sends back to Microsoft
  • Clear Browsing Data
  • Website Tracking
  • Help improve Microsoft Edge Section
  • Services
  • Tracking prevention

1) Managing Browser Data Usage

If you like any other browser, then you can use it in your Microsoft edge as it allows you to use any different browser into your device. Although Microsoft Providing you the security to save your ID and password. It can save your cookies and cache to send it on Microsoft to providing you faster and convenient service.

2) Personalize Your Web Experience

It means Microsoft is automatically advertising you your search, news, and another service based on your search history. You can also arrange your data stored in Microsoft storage and personalized in the setting.

3) Control what Edge sends back to Microsoft

Follow the steps Launch Windows 10 with pressing WIN+I.

  1. Go to the Privacy
  2. Tap on Diagnostics and Feedback.
  3. Change it to basic.

After doing this setting in your device, you only need to send your device information as setting, crash report, capabilities, and performance details. You can also send all the information about your browser under the Basic section. Remember to change the Privacy to basic before restarting the browser.

4) Clear Browsing Data

It is the most useful option, to clear your data or browsing history follow the steps:-

  1. Launch the Edge setting.
  2. Tap on the Privacy Service.
  3. Here you are asked to confirm your delete.
  4. Select to option to clear all the data from your browser.

5) Website Tracking

Website tracker is an excellent method to verify your search; here we can do some more setting:-

Send “Do Not Track” is a straightforward request that is sent by the browser with its user and website not able to cancel the command.

Allow the website to save your payment information: if you’re making any payment and suddenly gateway from the site to verify your payment option. The toggle will turn off your payment to save your transaction.

6) Services

You can improve your browsing setting from the given steps to change search engines, home pages, and tap settings, etc.

  1. Use the website to solve navigation error: you can use it when you are using public Wi-Fi.
  2. Address bar: It permits you to search for anything directly from your address bar.
  3. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen: it can block all the useless sites from your PUA.

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