Jurassic Park Star Hints Potential Return for Jurassic World 3

The original Jurassic Park movie’s star Joe Mazzello teases a probable return in the upcoming Jurassic World 3 movie. We might see Joe Mazzello, the kid from the original Jurassic Park in the upcoming dinosaur movie starring Chris Pratt. Mazzello was playing as Tim Murphy in the original film, and he was the grandson of John Hammond. Tim Murphy, along with his sibling Lex Murphy visits Jurassic Park post their parents’ divorce to meet their grandfather John Hammond as well as to sightseeing the park. They both spent most of the time with Dr. Alan Grant in the entire movie, and on various occasions, he saved them from the ruthless dinosaurs.

Jurassic World 3

Tim and Lex show up in The Lost World: Jurassic Park as well, despite the fact they show up only for a short moment in the starting. Most of the original movie characters didn’t make appearances in the modern-day Jurassic World movies. The Jurassic World movies are based on the new cast and new characters with starring Chris Pratt as Owen Grady and Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing. These both are the main characters in the movie, and they have helped all Jurassic World’s habitats to escape from the smugglers and survive the apocalypse on their island.

They managed to save themselves from the fierce T-Rex as well as from the extremely lethal raptors in the movie. Claire is, most of the time, fights for the rights of Dinosaurs in both of the Jurassic World movies. Chris Pratt has been playing as the trainer and caretaker of the Raptors, and he grew them up as well. Both main stars Pratt and Howard are making an appearance in the forthcoming Jurassic World 3rd installment. The 3rd installment is also going to be the final sequel of the franchise so that the movie may get many tributes or Easter eggs from the original film, and that may also include the appearance of Mazzello.

To commemorate the final movie of the franchise, several stars of the original movie might join the cast of the forthcoming movie. These returning stars will be Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum, but as Chris Pratt said, “everyone will be returning from the original movie,” and Pratt also says that it was a secret that was meant to keep private. He means that some other characters of the original movie may also return in the movie, and they are on the way to get into the cast officially. 

Recently Mazzello shared a comment on his Tweeter’s timeline saying “time to get back to work,” and this is a clear indication that he is also joining the new movie. He was only ten years old while playing his role in Jurassic Park, but now he is an adult actor. Since his blockbuster appearance in the Jurassic movie, he has worked in many other movies even some of his movies won the Oscar, whether it be Bohemian Rhapsody or The Social Network. He has also worked as a director and scriptwriter on many occasions, but his main job is acting. Now considering the fact he is still working in the same acting line since 1993, his appearance in the anticipated movie makes perfect sense than any other actors who switched their acting career to something else.

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