Microsoft Crosses 1 Billion Users & Teases New Windows 10 UI and Icons

Microsoft is celebrating 1 billion users worldwide, and the grand achievement was accompanied by a tease of new Windows 10 UI and icons. In the 59 seconds of video, they have shown how far they have come and how they have improved themselves from the past years. The chief producer of Microsoft and devices have posted a video on Instagram to show where Windows 10 is heading in the new era. The start menu in Windows 10 will be changed that will make other icons more light and soft.

Windows 10 UI and Icons

The company is also planning to diminish the color of blocks to make the apps look more easier and better also while application scans. Users will see changes in the Live Titles where space and display are modified. Microsoft is focusing on improving the working and design of the system that have shown in the video. With the new menu and new file application, they are forwarding to better changes to their users. This new Windows 10 will keep the users waiting for a while to make it look modern.

The video shared on Instagram has shared a quick history of previous Windows versions and display icons. Design of Start button and the way it will start have shown in the teased video. The changes of Windows 10 icons are rolling out lately that look cool and more adaptive. In-build apps of Windows 10 are ultimately updated with new effective colors through great efforts ahead of it they also making modifications of Windows 10X dual-screen devices.

The new version of Windows 10 hasn’t been released, but the video shows amazing changes and modifications. The simplicity of icons and interface with modern design simply indicating things going to be more flexible and better.

The video also gave a sneak peek on the less color and cleaning of Live Tiles. Although this version of Windows 10 is not available in the operating system, it gave a fine idea of what Microsoft is doing in Windows 10 for the revolution.Teaser video launched when Microsoft is all set for Office 365 online event, which is happening on 30 March. Microsoft will reveal Microsoft 365 subscription, where the whole bundle of Office, Microsoft team, and more features will be part of the monthly subscription. Apart from the news of Windows 10 new UI, nothing about Surface Go 2 Surface Book 3 is coming out, and what is the plan of the company about it. Microsoft is also going to holding on to build a developer online event that is happening this year.

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